• Creating success, champions & icons is our passion.
  • We believe everyone can be trained to attain their highest & best, and to be the best among the best.
  • We believe that action through empowerment is the best way to achieve success because by self-determination, a person can grow and keep growing without limitation.

“ We have mastered empowerment and have created champions & icons and many success stories, from all walks of life. We would like you to be our next success story. “


    The New You Program
    Give your life a makeover to bring it to the next level.

    The Unstoppable You
    Getting the poise and confidence that spells success for you.

    Tremendous Leadership Coaching
    Becoming a leader that produces other tremendous leaders.

    Business Optimization Strategic System
    Improving results in your business immediately.


    Ultimate Sales Training
    (RPJ) Rahsia Penjual Juara, Selling the right way.

    Tremendous Leadership Seminar 
    Secrets to building an empire.

    Power Goal Setting 
    Setting goals & achieving them easily.

    Winner’s Self Image
    The power of your mind to attract what you want..

    Money Makeover 
    Rebuilding you wealth.

    7-Step Effective Networking 
    Grow your business or career through great networking.

  • Public Speaking

    Keynotes & talks on empowerment and personal financial management topics.

  • Business Opportunity

    As an investor, business partner or leader, opportunities are available for the right candidates. Let me start you off in the right direction.

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“If I had one gift that I could give to every human being on the planet, it would be to have a coaching experience with Niki Shuhada.”

What others say about Niki Shuhada

As Dr Niki points out, there is no substitute for hard work, her life reflection that emphasized on the importance of self-improvement, spiritual values, disciplined and organization are unique and encouraging to us all.

Listening to Dr NIki or just hearing from others saying about her makes you want to transform life because she makes you believe strongly in your dreams to be successful. She is one of the greatest coach and speaker in Malaysia.

From a flight stewardess to a TV personality to a leader and motivational guru she is today, Dr Niki is a living proof that success is just around the corner from where you are if you know what you want and work hard for it. This amazing woman has not only achieved so much but she has been transforming others and leading them to the road of success.

To sum it up, all that was said about Dr NIki has been about her ability to make things happen. Making sacrifice in order to find success requires strength and stamina, and Dr Niki Shuhada is a living example that you should emulate.

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