My formula helped thousands of investors do it right! (if you are not making at least 12%-15% per annum average returns on most of your long term investing, you are doing it WRONG!)
Salam & Hi, I am Dr Niki.
Not too long ago, I was working really hard, trying to make ends meet. I worked long hours, with little pay & having little time to myself or for my family. Like many people, I always dreamt of a wonderful lifestyle, where money is not an issue & time is abundant to do whatever I choose to.

How it started ?
Ever since I got married in 1992, I have been passionate about financial planning. Realizing that I need to plan for the future of my children & the wellbeing of my marriage, I read books about it and learnt from the best people about it. I was so passionate about the subject that I quickly became an investor myself, along with my husband and my immediate family members.

My turning point
I was introduced to unit trust investments when I was approached to do the business of financial planning by a friend. I started by investing through opening a regular savings plan that was suitable for my budget. My husband took up the EPF enhancement plan & also the regular savings plan. Later on, I opened a corporate investment account for my little growing business. And when I had my children, my first gift for them was a regular savings plan for their future.

As years went by, I achieved the status of Shariah Registered Financial Planner from the Malaysian Financial Planning Council. And today I have grown my business to be of about 5000 financial advisors in a leading fund management front copycompany in Malaysia.

One thing I learnt is that you can either work for money or get money to work for you. I am sure you are like me too, we’d rather have money work for us. And if we want to work, it should be an option. We should be at work if we want to, not because we have to.

I know what you’re thinking, for money to work for you, you’d need a large sum of money in the first place. That’s where the other thing I learnt come into play. I learnt that you can use the power of compound growth, how a little sum saved regularly over a period of time can grow into an astonishing amount. Here, I have attached a compounding table for you to look at.

Now, all this is well and good if you can keep it going for the period. But how do you keep it going?
I have discovered a 3-step formula that will ensure you keep to your goal.

The 3 step formula is : Start an Automatic Accumulation, Give it Time to Grow & Monitor the Progress.

The formula is easy, & proven. I have been successful at creating millionaire investors who started from small affordable investments from following this super easy 3 steps formula.

The famous Benjamin Franklin said, ‘Money makes money. And the money that money makes, makes money!’

Your first step
Financial knowledge. Here’s the good news, right now is the best time to start investing & use the power of compounding to your advantage. I would like to meet up with you if you would like to learn more on how to use the super easy 3 step formula that has helped thousands of investors.

At the end of our meeting, you will discover:
1. How to make 12% – 15% pa returns consistently on your money instead of leaving it in the bank
2. How to pay off your home earlier
3. How to continue your current lifestyle right after your retirement without having to work
4. How to receive regular cheques in your mailbox
5. Why even just rm10 a day is enough to help someone retire
6. How to fund your children education & sponsor their weddings without using your own hard earned money
7. How to give your loved ones monthly allowances without your own contribution
8. A step by step checklists & slides yours free for you to keep & refer to whenever you want
9. And much more..

Learn how this formula have helped thousands of people.

P/s: We will arrange your date & time of appointment based on your schedule by calling you soon in person.

Thank you. Rgds, Dr Niki Shuhada.
Founder, NSG Wealth Advisors.