Let Niki Shuhada help you to Simplify Your Life & Business!

  • Training

    Tailor made action packed training sessions for groups of participants on the topics of mind power, achieving goals, business enhancement, selling skills or effective leadership.

  • Rahsia Penjual Juara

    This training is for persons involved in sales desiring to discover the secrets of a Master Closer, It is for the individual who wants to be a sales champion using proven methods & techniques, centred around an effective sales presentation.
    Learn the master closer mindset of a champion sales person, the scripts, step and strategies that have made Dr Niki Shuhada an award winning  sales champion. Over 2 days of action packed, practical and exciting activities designed to instill money making and habits, to transfer you into a sales champion!
  • Be a Superstar Recruiter

    As an investor, business partner or leader, opportunities are available for the right candidates. Let me start you off in the right direction.